Balloons are part of many celebrations and parties. But what happens after they pop?

Latex Balloons are 100% organic and biodegradable. Latex is made from the sap of rubber trees that grow in rainforests around the world. It is collected in the same way that maple syrup is tapped from maple trees – the sap drops run down into strategically placed buckets. Don’t worry, getting latex doesn’t hurt the trees. The sap harvest prevets deforestation because latex-producing trees remain intact.

As we already know, latex is a natural substance that decompose in the sun and water. It biodegrades at about the same rate as an oak leaf. Despite the sustainability of balloon materials, their release is potentially dangerous for wildlife. We encourage our customers to use balloon weights and enjoy their balloons safely. After use, it is important that all balloons are popped and disposed of responsibly.

Balondekor uses only brands of balloons that respect the environment and its sustainability

And how to handle balloons properly? Here are the best practices from our partners: