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Children Theme Parties

Balloon dancing fun

Children are taken on a musical & dance adventure with two balloon clowns that make every children s event memorable. Entertainment and lots of fun (and balloons) guaranteed! VIDEO here


Hooray - we start the school!

An interactive program showing children in a funny way what happens at school. Besides funny scatches, there is a lot of dancing and having a good time!


Pirate Show

Unforgettable time on the magic balloon island! On the commands of the captain Jack Sparrow we will twist the balloons so they become a real sea creatures! We will sing and dance like pirates! Just join us so we can giggle and have fun during this pirate time with a balloon surprise!


Angry Birds

Do you know a game Angry Birds? Come, join us and have some fun like those colorful birds.


Funny Easter Show

Clowns and their funny Easter celebrating. Learn how people celebrate Easter all around the world and what are the customs in the Czech Republic. You can decorate your own egg, sing Easter songs a dance with balloons!

Ilustrační obrázek - Balondekor

Yuppi, holidays and party time is here!

Come and have fun with our balloon hunter and other animators. We will take you on a trip to far-away Africa to experience the adventure of finding wild animals (you can even make your own one out of twisting balloons), visiting Hawaii, learning hawai dance and playing lots of games. The BEST holiday event is waiting for you!



Be a cowboy or a pistoleer on the Wild West, where the law is held by the strict Sheriff and his crew! He will see if you play fair during shooting with a bow and throwing a horseshoe! Then we all can relax dancing the original wild-west dances and who knows, maybe even the Great Indian leader will come to see you!


Fairies and their fantasy world

We will take you to the magic world with the chatty Nix and his fairy friend Elvira. There will be a plenty of aquatic activities to do such as fishing, collecting All Souls’, water dancing and also discovering the great sea world by finding its balloon monsters


Valentine Balloon Disco

Come with us to dance, have fun and do some competitions.


Halloween is here!

Lots of fun, games and dancing. Itcan be combined with theme facepainting or sparkling twingle tattoo.